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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Garage Sale Off to a Great Start!

About a week ago now, are garage sale made some money. We aren't starting it until Thursday (June 4) but our neighbors came over and bought some stuff. I said in a different post that if we make $2000 we will buy a saxophone, well we made a huge contribute to that. Our neighbors bought a game for three dollars! So only $1997 to go!

In our garage sale we now have everything priced, and my dad's sister brought some stuff to sell, but she gets that money. We were going to set up today, except my dad said that Saturdays aren't good days to start garage sales, and on top of that it is very windy out. I had some trouble riding my bike back and forth from my mom's job.

My friend was supposed to come over yesterday ( May 30) but instead I came over today. After that we went around a huge food store on our bikes and went up a huge hill. We staid up there for a while and coming down was AWSOME! We were going at least 30 miles an hour coming down.

On my way back from the store before that, there was someone on the path. The path changes after a while, but this part was only wide enough for one person. So I thought I 'd be the nice guy and get off the path. Well the path is higher than the ground so when I got off my bike fell over. I was not hurt, but my bike's rear tire brake got loosened. When I got home I saw the wire was not attached to the bike. My dad came out and we fixed it.

About a week or two ago we bought a grill. So tonight we are having once again, steak.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nice Day

These past few days have been really nice, so I have not had a chance to be writing. I can't be outside and writing on this at the same time. A friend of mine has been interested in me 'working' at my mom's work. He has been coming over. Yesterday (May 29) he came over and fooled around alot. We biked over to a store next to it and bought root beer. I spilled about half of it coming back.

We played volleyball with a balloon in the back room for a while. That was fun. After a day there we came to my house and now he says he'll be coming over more now that he nows where I live.

As I alresdy said, it has been really nice out. So I will not be writing as much on this blog. The weather here has been high 60's to low 80's, so biking outside is where i'll be most of the time.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Garage Sale and a New Saxophone Are Linked

We are having a garage sale this month, and probably throughout the summer. If in this garage sale we make around $2000 my dad said we certainly would go out and buy a tenor saxophone from a music store we have been going to.

I have been wanting to get a sax for quite some time now. We just don't have very much money. I first got my interest in saxes at the end of 4th grade. Band didn't start until 5th grade, but at the end of 4th grade we got to try three instruments and pick the one we liked best. I tried the tuba, baritone, and sax. I picked the tuba. I don't mean to brag, but both my band instructor and his wife, who taught band at the elementary school, say I am very good, far ahead of my fellow students. When I asked my band teacher if I could get lessons from him for the sax, he got nervous. He got nervous because he thought I was changing from the tuba to the sax. The reason that made him nervous was that a good tuba player doesn't come around too often, and he said that the tuba is an important instrument in a band.

I got it straightened out that I only wanted to learn how to play the sax and was asking if I could get private lessons from him. He said when you want to play an instrument that your not going to play in band you have to get lessons elsewhere. So now we are going to try to get lessons from the music store.

My band teacher said to tell him what type of sax we were going to get before we got it, and the price, so he could say if it was a good deal. We gave him three types when we went so one of those should be good. When we went the guy there let me hold one of the saxes I was going to play, a tenor. It was really heavy, but not as much as the tuba.

So in a few weeks, maybe a few months, we will likely be buying a saxophone.

Weekly Video or Song

Here is this weeks video. This is a farely new Potter Puppet Pals. If you don't know who Harry Potter is, you probably won't get this, but if you do it will be hysterical.

Sorry that this is late. I got a little distracted over this week.

That is this weeks video.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finding a Job

Over the past few months, I have been looking for ways to earn money. I think I have found one. My moms store is run by a nice person and she lets me come in and help my mom. On days when she works 3:00 to 8:00, I bike over to the store. It's only about a mile so it only takes me about five minutes. My mom and to a lesser sort, my dad, were kind of paranoid about me going through an intersection to get there. The particular intersection is a very busy street, so they have good reason to worry. My dad almost caught killed in that intersection from a car running through a red light.

I'll bike over to the store when school is out, so I get there around 4:00 to 5:00. Depending on if I have an after school snack. I come in through the back and leave my bike there. What I like doing best there is when my mom lets me, which now is always, work the cash register. I also like to work the balloon machine, it's a party store. They have a big helium tank. All you have to do is push a button, but it's fun anyway. On Memorial Day (Monday, 5/25/09) someone came in and I accidentally broke one of the balloons putting it on the machine. That is a little hard because the balloons have to be on tight, so the thing you put it on is a little to big.

Also there my mom will let me climb the big ladder and take down display balloons and pinatas. We take them down and either put them back into the computer, or blow back up the balloons.

Every so often when I bike over, my dad lets me stay over, and me and my mom order pizza. That only happens on weekends though. I will bike back home at about 6:00 if I don't stay for supper and that is an afternoon of my life. After all that is done, my mom pays me $10 -$20. Now my dad got her to start paying me a wage. She said she'll think about paying me half of her salary(around $3.50 each). That may not sound like alot for either of us, but my mom said she might do it.

In only few years, I will be able to get hired by a store and get a real wage.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Why Do People Have To Lie?

About a week or two ago, my mom came and said that her boss said that no one liked to work with her. The reason she said was that my mom gives ideas to people when they say they're bored. My mom tells them they could do some work and her boss said people hate it when she does that. A few days ago, my mom came home and said she asked some of her coworkers why they didn't like working with her. They said they didn't dislike being with her. One girl actually said that my mom said that she hated somebody, and she never said that. So her boss, who she took to be a friend, was actually the one who didn't like her, and only she and a new girl didn't like working with my mom.

I don't see the point in lying to everybody. People say they want you to tell the truth, but when you do, they get angry. About a month ago, I was running my pencil eraser along one of the school hallways, I didn't know it was wrong. It wasn't leaving any marks. A teacher caught me and a friend doing it and we got sent to the principle. She said that there was only two janitors, so one of them had to waste his time in cleaning up the stains that weren't there. Later I saw it least four different janitors throughout the day. Another day I saw two in the same place, them I walked down the hallway and there was two more. So even the schools lie.

There is no point in lying, and still everybody around the world does it.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Preveiw of My Characters

These are the heroes for Legion of On-Line Superheroes.

I have created all of these in the past month since I found out about this blog. I have just never got around to making a blog of my own. I have been busy at school, practicing my instruments, and having time to ride my bike.
Ursus has bear powers. He has the ability to turn into a bear, and has retractable claws. He does not have a name for his bear.

Timber Sword has lightning, wolf and ninja powers. He is incredibly fast, and also has claws on his right hand. He also does not have a name for his wolf.

Bazna has ninja powers, and bird powers. His pet dog (Ackla) can shoot out a sonic beam. Bazna has two high caliber pistols, and can launch a lightning bolt out of his ninja staff.

Lady Edna is an elf that lives in the desert. She doesn't really have powers except she can shoot a beam of light, and other things out of her staff, and she has a very high resistibility to attacks, and is strong.

Electroide (I spelled her name wrong on the website) has very powerful lightning and storm powers. She carries with her a huge canon and ammunition case. Her gun is a sniper, and with a flick of a switch she can change it to a machine gun.

Blitz has fire powers, can fly, and has a high immunity to everything. His whip will turn to flame when takin off his belt. Draco(the dragon) flies along with Blitz all the time. Tie (the tiger) patrols his hideout, and Coy (the coyote) scouts around his hideout looking for intruders.

Here are the villains for Legion of On-Line Superheroes.

Tigris has the power to turn into any animal she wants to. When she dies as one of the animals, all that happens is she can never turn into that animal again. The animals next to her always help her execute her crimes.

Sarge is a retired army general. He has a business selling weapons. He isn't really a bad guy, or a good guy, but if I had to chose, he would be a bad guy.

Sssnaze is a huge python with arms and more than one tail. He can stretch his neck up to two feet and has with him at all times, a poisonous, small snake, and a python. His staff can temporarily take away the powers of somone, and can shoot a blast that would kill a human.
Basenar is a human that got morphed into a bat. His goal in life is to kill Blitz. His gun he got from Sarge, and it has unlimited ammo. The bat that flies beside is a messenger to tell him if Blitz is near.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Weekly Video or Song

This weeks video is something me and my dad think is pretty funny.
You probably won't get this if you don't know who Harry Potter is, but if you do it should be hysterical. This Potter Puppet Pals is farely new, I think it was made about a month ago, may be more. I got the Potter Puppet Pals from a website called YouTube.

That is this weeks video, it will change every Sunday