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Thursday, July 9, 2009


We found an apartment to live in. Yesterday (July 8) we went to the apartment and town house place. We were able to see a two bedroom apartment on the first floor. That one was O.K. Then we asked if we could see the two bathroom two bedroom apartment on the third floor. We wern't supposed to see that until today, but the person living said we could if we didn't mind the mess. Our house is a mess already so it didn't matter. That one was cool. It had a nice kitchen space and the living room space was incredible. The deck was more sturdy that the first we looked at a few weeks ago. The lights in the bedrooms had little fans on them. The assistant manager said that those would probably stay with the apartment when the person living there moved.

It only had one phone outlet from what we could see so that puts our computer in the living room (which is where it would have been without the outlet in that spot). The bedrooms were a nice size. Enough to put all my dragon statues in. The two bathrooms were right across from the rooms. So we could do what we do now. I have my bathroom (which is the biggest) and Mom and Dad have theirs. My bathroom didn't look like it had a toilet but it was hiding behind the door.

My mom and dad's room had a walk-in closet. All the rooms have a small walk-in closet, but that one had enough room for four people!

We went down to the office and I got to watch game shows on T.V. Mom and Dad talked a bit with the assistant manager and we locked down that apartment. That means it is ours. We also got two garages for our cars and storage.

There are few other things that come into play, but we'll deal with those when the time comes.

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fairyhedgehog said...

It's cool to have your own bathroom. I hope this apartment turns out great for you.