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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


In the confusion of packing I decided to build a fort using all the boxes around the house. It started out as just two rows of boxes moved apart to make a hallway like space. My mom came home and thought nothing of some boxes with a blanket covering it.

There is three boxes in one row and on the left side I took the last one up against the wall away. Then I moved it next to a huge pile of boxes to create one room, and two hallways. When Mom came home and saw that she started to think something was up. I said "The room's a mess anyway. It doesn't look any different except for the blankets."

After that I moved my fort to the second pile on the other side of the room. Now I had the part before and a bigger room. By now the fort covered a whole side of the living room wall.

Then I used the second pile to make another room. Now my fort covers about 60% of the living room. I have a kitchen where I put snacks. A T.V. and a space where I can sleep in peace with my cat who also has a bed in the so called 'bedroom'.

Here is the tour of my fort.

This is what it looks like to enter through the first hallway. The one that I made first. It might be hard to see because were having a storm and it's getting dark out and this is right next to a window. The first one looks like it's bright out, but inside it's dark.

This is the first room that I made where I hid from my mom when she came home. Strait ahead is the room with the T.V. and to the left is the second entrance.

This is the second entrance. The first does not have a blanket covering it because I used that one for another room. This is from inside, the other entrance was from outside.

I mad this one brighter because we're getting farther away from the window and using blankets to cover the fort. That blocks out the light. This is the T.V. room. The this in the middle is supporting the roof. The black thing to the left of that is the T.V. In the top left corner you can see the kitchen. You might not be able to make it out, but there are a few snacks there. To the left is the 'bedroom'.

I like to call this room the 'Dark Room'. I call it that because it is very dark. I brightened the picture a lot so I could see it. If you have a computer screen that is brighter, this might be really bright. Our computer is dieing and everything is dark. To the left is where I made a little bed for the cat.

This is probably very hard to see. I took this one inside the dark room. You might not be able to tell what this is so I will tell you. It is two boxes stacked on top of each other with one in front of it. It's basically a chair made out of three boxes. I made it for the cat. He hasn't gone on it let. In fact he doesn't even know that there is other room to the fort. I added the dark room today and the cat hasn't gone in it since then.

This concludes our tour.


fairyhedgehog said...

That looks like so much fun. I'm glad your cat can share it with you.

Wolverine said...

It wasn't actually my idea for my cat to share it with me. It was his. He comes in all the time when I'm in there.

fairyhedgehog said...

That's typical of cats. They do what they please.

Wolverine said...

My cat is no exception to that. Whatever he wants, he does.